International Families

AOA takes the privilege of placing your child with a host family and a school very seriously.  We select our host families from both the school your child will be attending and surrounding community churches.  These families are put through a rigorous vetting process that includes: initial application, phone interview, triple background checks and in-home interview.   If the host completes all of these steps they will then receive a set of host family guidelines, which must be adhered to, and sign a host family contract, which you can find here

Your child’s safety is our highest priority and a thorough process is adhered to ensure that your child will be safe and well taken care of while here in the U.S.  Should your child be involved in an accident, their required health insurance through ISO (click here for more information) should be sufficient to cover such an incident.  AOA also has liability insurance on our students.

From the moment your child meets his/her host family at the airport, we will be with them every step of the way.  Beginning with orientation, weekly contacts, monthly meetings and events, it is our goal that your child adjusts smoothly in their new home and school.

Tutoring in SAT, TOEFL and ESL for those students who wish to take their experience in the US to the next level is also offered at an additional cost.  ESL is geared towards helping your child succeed while in high school, while SAT and TOEFL tutoring will help increase their test scores, ultimately, offering them a greater number of universities from which to choose.

For more information on Cost please contact us.

International Schools

AOA is always looking for excellent international schools to partner with.  We offer our partner schools an easy process for placing students in US high schools.  Our turn-key process begins with personal visits to your school, touring your campus, interviewing your teachers and students, getting a feel for your school and the needs of your students.  This information is used to determine which international students are the best fit based on their capabilities, grades, extra-curricular activities and desire.  Once we give your student their initial acceptance letter, the parents will then sign the financial contract and AOA will pay the students tuition and fees. The US school will then release your I-20 and official acceptance letter.  At that point, your student will need to apply for their visa.  Upon receiving their visa, they will send a copy to AOA who will then assign them to a host family and eagerly await their arrival.  Upon arriving, each student will have a private orientation at their school where they will get to know their teachers and get acquainted to the school campus before the student body starts classes.

AOA’s process does not stop here.  We manage your students all year round, keeping you informed of their progress.  

If you become an AOA partner, you will have access to sign a Sister School Contract with one or more of AOA’s American schools.

Be mindful that not all schools will accept students for only their senior year.  Most schools would like students to be enrolled for two or more years.  However, we do have a few schools that will accept seniors. In order for us to help assist you to the best of our ability, please inform us of your student's plans.