Host Families

Host Testimonies


 Whether or not attending school in the United States is a beneficial and positive experience for our international students largely depends on the homestay arrangement. This is why the Host Family is the most integral part of the entire International Student Program. If the family and student are not matched together properly, the experience can be detrimental for all parties involved. The host not only becomes an active part in the student’s personal everyday life, they are also an essential participant in their academic life while tending to school matters on behalf of the student’s parents.

AOA does all it can to ensure that the students experience is positive. This begins with how we approach the application process, phone and in-home interviews, orientation and continual guidance and direction throughout the entire process.  We will educate you on what to expect in regards to cultural differences, discuss the expectations of both you and your international student and how to best to work together to create as smooth a transition as possible. We will have an open dialogue with you and your student throughout the school year.  This will foster good communication and address any issues in a timely manner.

Guidelines of a Host Family

  • The Host provides a bedroom that is solely for the Student’s use. The bedroom must be furnished with a bed, a desk, chair, a desk lamp, a closet or bureau, and linens and towels.
  • The Host provides breakfast and dinner during weekdays when school is in session and all three meals a day during the weekend. If the Host is absent during meal times(or school vacations/holidays), a meal should be prepared in advance or leave instructions and funds for delivery of a meal.
  • The Host welcomes Student as a new member of the family, not as someone who rents a room in the house. Host shall treat the Student like his/her own child.
  • The Host is required to provide school transportation. In terms of other necessary rides such as extra-curricular activities, the Student is required to pre-schedule with Host, except in the sudden development of a situation where a ride is necessary.
  • In the case of any medical emergency, the Host should accompany the Student to the hospital.
  • A coordinator will check in with the Host and the Student by calling periodically. Emails will be sent out to notify the Host of any updates. If a Local Coordinator is nearby, house visits will be made periodically.
  • The Host’s home must be high-speed internet ready. Since Student will arrive with his/her laptop computer, wireless internet is a must.
  • The Host is required to contact AOA headquarters in the case of any emergency befalling the student.
  • The Host steps into role of guardian on behalf of the Student’s parents for all school matters, including, but not limited to attending parent-teacher conferences or attending a school event where the Student is featured. (All families must sign a Temporary Guardianship Form that will need to be notarized.)
  • The Host must have positive thinking and be open to welcome a new culture.
  • The Age requirement for Host parents is 30 years or older.
  • The Host must own a car and have enough experience to drive safely. AOA processes your DMV record as a part of our background check.
  • The host must be a fluent English speaker.
  • Host parents must have a clean background check(State, National, and DMV), as well as everyone over 18 residing in the Host home.