Participating Schools

AOA participating private schools have been selected carefully based on many factors. The schools must be SEVIS-approved to issue the I-20 in order that an international student may submit it to a U.S. consulate to acquire a student visa (F-1). Most participating schools provide Advanced Placement(AP) courses to qualified students who may be able to transfer credits to colleges after graduation. AOA periodically checks with schools to revise school profiles with the most up-to date information. AOA carefully screens the locations of the schools to ensure that the vicinity and areas surrounding the school are safe.

AOA is proud to be working side-by-side with schools to introduce students who strive for excellence in a globally competitive market. We have seen our students become contributing members of the student body in a multitude of ways outside of the obvious role of being cultural ambassadors. Our students have contributed hundreds of volunteer hours to local communities, pushed themselves outside their comfort zones to cultivate relationships with others, joined sports teams to learn lessons outside of the classroom, and much more. AOA can work flexibly with any educational institution that desires to expand their programs of study to international students. We encourage schools to become a part of our list of participating schools and to uncover ways that AOA can help you cultivate a new or improve an existing international student program.

Why AOA is the best choice for your school:

No More Worries

With our worry free commitment, your school can finally have confidence knowing that we take full responsibility for all the international students that enroll at your school. The key to a successful international student program is to provide continual academic support that is designed specifically for international students. This is a strategic way to promote academic success and retention, thus building and maintaining your school’s reputation among international communities.  

Our goals for the duration of a student’s enrollment include:

  • Creating a positive experience for international students, host families, and the academic institutions.
  • Connecting with the school’s faculty to ensure that each student is properly coached on the institution's student handbook, policies and procedures, etc.
  • Providing international consulting for cultural integration in your school and host families.
  • Ongoing assistance that provides host families, students, and institutions with a peace of mind knowing that they have support.
  • Making institutional recommendations that will help foster a positive environment for international students.

How it Works

So how does AOA’s international student enrollment work? Due to our experience and related knowledge, we have been able to master a complex process and bring simplicity to both the school and the host family experience.

We help schools avoid having undesirable experiences with international student recruiting and management: The legal paperwork, immigration process, exposure to legal liabilities and risk, host family recruiting, constant process delays, and seemingly endless paperwork.

AOA has minimized these risks, frustrations and draining procedures from the international student placement experience. Now schools can bring valuable and practical fulfillment to their global mission without the cost, hassles and worry that the experience has previously brought.

Preliminary eligibility for the prospective student is evaluated by AOA based on the enrollment criteria from the school. If the basic criteria is met, the prospect is moved forward in the admission process. AOA will submit the student’s application, transcripts, and any other related documentation that the school requires. Once the student has been accepted, AOA will recruit qualified host families through a home interview. Each host family will also go through a triple background check- State criminal, National criminal, and state/national DMV to ensure the student is placed in a safe environment.

At the beginning of each semester AOA conducts international student orientation sessions, events, and activities designed to assure that each student has completed all U.S. documentation requirements, assistance with enrollment in school courses, and to provide students with information and support to ease their transition to life in the United States and your school.

Why partner with AOA?

  • Our program is risk free. You don’t need to invest in advertising, lead-generation, or marketing strategies that require upfront investments.
  • Greater global exposure. AOA promotes your school to a major network of licensed and reputable advisors from all over the world.
  • AOA pays the full tuition amount prior to the student’s arrival. No monthly billing, no past due accounts.
  • All foreign students are required to have medical insurance.
  • AOA has over 1 million dollars in liability insurance on each occurrence.
  • Extensive background checks on all host families.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you have support from a company that has experience and related knowledge with international students.