Message from The CEO

TrentCEOOn behalf of all our partnering schools across America, dedicated and loving host families, and committed advisory board members, AOA wants to thank you for taking the time to learn more about what our incredible program has to offer.

My wife and I took a leap of faith several years ago to live in Asia. Our first concern was safety. We didn’t know where we were going to live, what we were going to eat, or how we would get around. All these unknowns put an unsettling feeling in the bottom of our stomachs. This is why AOA dedicates most of our time locating the best possible host family before students arrive in America. We want students to know what they get before they commit to living in a foreign country.

At AOA, our passion and mission is to provide each student with a safe and loving home, quality education for university success, and comprehensive education support services. Our efforts and expertise in the education industry have brought us outstanding results over the years. In fact, AOA has over 150 years of combined educational experience. Every affiliate, advisory board member, and employee associated with AOA has been or still is an educator. Therefore, we can truly say that we understand what it takes to serve students. AOA depends solely on education professionals that have combined their knowledge and experience in high school admissions, international student advising and recruitment, ESL teaching and host family placement to create one of the most comprehensive American high school placement services available.

Only carefully selected schools that meet or exceed AOA’s high standards can become AOA partnering schools. Each potential partnering school undergoes a thorough review and inspection by AOA staff and is regularly reviewed to ensure it continues to meet our high standards. This is done through regular communication with school staff, bi-weekly follow up visits, and personnel interviews with AOA students.

I encourage you to carefully explore the AOA website. Our team has spent countless hours on this site to make sure you are fully engaged and aware of exactly what we can offer you.

Trent McMurtrey

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